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Let me ask you: What did you dream of being when you were 5 years old? Before the world steered you elsewhere?


Well, when I was 5, I was acting out the entire Little Mermaid  on my front door step in a bra made out of Glade air freshener sea shells and a dorset fin made by my Grandma.  The audience was comprised of my extended family; and if I recall correctly, I procured just one additional cast member: my amazing, talented sister, Fawn (link), who doubled as Flounder/back up singer.   


Raised in Roxbury, CT, I'm the daughter of a meticulous builder who typically ends his day with some Dosteovsky or Dickens in hand and anything from Beethoven to Hendrix blaring in the background; and a caring elementary school teacher who spends her free time writing poetry, playing piano, and contemplating ice cream or chips.  (Not a day goes by without music penetrating the air of my childhood home.) 

For the two decades following my doorstep plays, I lost sight of my acting dream:  academics and sports moved to the forefront.  I went on to enrolled at Union College, and completed a dual degree: B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Music.  


Upon graduation, I was hired by at Tudor Investment Corporation. What began as a receptionist job morphed into a direction I never foresaw - an IT System Administrator supporting the Chief Technology Officer in one of the most respectable hedge funds in the world. Crazy where life leads and how fortunate I felt.


While grateful for the opportunity to climb the ladder in the corporate realm, I needed more art in my life, and so applied to The Juilliard School.  Accepted into their evening division, I spent two years juggling computer system administration, and studies in classical voice & opera.

With an unexpected invitation to move to Italy and sing in Verdi's La Traviata, ​I resigned from the hedge fund​ and packed my bags. Something sparked while overseas - I was reminded my of my childhood passion for acting, and upon returning to the US, I moved to NYC to explore further.


Amidst some amateur auditioning and fueled by wanderlust, I began working as a flight attendant for British Airways OpenSkies, dividing my time between Paris and NYC.

A few years into flying,  I learned that in order to give my childhood dream a proper chance, I needed formal acting training. So I left the airline a​nd​ enroll​ed ​in The Tom Todoroff Conservatory (NYC), completing a 2-Year Certificate of Acting. 


A lifelong learner and lover of the craft, I continually train and audition, and as with everything in life, remind myself of Tolstoy's words "The strongest of all warriors are these two - time and patience."

Jumping for Joy
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